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Name H.J.P.M. Vos

Given name


Date of birth

12 May 1962

Marital status


Driver's license



  • 1993-1997: Food and Toxicology, Open University - The Netherlands, thesis: Adding compensatory growth to the Technical Model Pigfeeding, diploma: 1998. This study is done in my spare time.

  • 1979-1983: Food Technology, HAS 's-Hertogenbosch, diploma: 1983

  • 1974-1979: HAVO, Maaslandcollege Oss, diploma: 1979


  • Prince2 (2007)

  • Several IT and modelling courses, like a number of AMBI-modules (end 1980's), 'Building simple mathematical models', by DLO in 1991, Oracle Designer, in 1996 by Bergler in Amstelveen, 'Building web services in Java' (2004+2005).

  • Internal Auditor (ISO 9001), Berenschot & Batalas, 1999

Work Experience

2001-now: Tilburg University

Currently technical project lead for the Web 2.0 project. This project aims to restructure the corporate websites, change the design of the websites, and to replace our home grown CMS with GX WebManager CMS.

Software developer in team LIS-ASM (Library and IT-services, Applications and Services Management).

Main developer for a European project called NEEO (Economists Online). Setup of the technical architecture and lead developer for the portal that launched in January 2010. The software is based on Java, OAI, Lucene, Wicket.

Still maintaining software for publication lists of scholars from Tilburg University. These publication lists are based on bibliographic metadata from our Institutional Repository, harvested via OAI. The software is an Apache Cocoon application, heavily depending on XSL transformations.

Before: LIS, team Development and Library, team Digital Services. Developer. Development of web-based applications, mainly in Perl. Worked on a so-called Library Portal 'iPort'. Developed the Current Awareness Service and persistent bookshelves for iPort. Worked on Institutional Repository software. Built the interface for the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol (OAI-PMH2) for it and tools to synchronize bibliographic metadata from a research management system with the Institutional Repository and to export data to a z39.50 database.

2000-2002: Volunteer at Buro Slachtofferhulp (victim service)

This is work that was done in the spare time at the bureau in 's-Hertogenbosch.

1986-2001: Research Institute for Pig Husbandry

Research assistent and Application Developer, later Scientific Researcher.

1985-1986: Unilever Meat Group

Process Development and Quality Assurance departments.

1983-1984: Military service

11e Herstelcie, Schaarsbergen.

Voluntary Service

2007-now: Digitization of a LETS unit at 's-Hertogenbosch.

Responsible for all technical aspects. The site uses Open Source software and is hosted at a small external organization. Technical advice and vice administrator. Built Java code to generate PDF lists from CSV exports, using XSL-FO.

2002-2009: Administration of a server and several websites

Administration of a server hosting several websites, among others a site for a support association for the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome in The Netherlands. Some sites were powered by Apache Cocoon.

2002-2006: Vice webmaster for a local site of a political party

Technical assistance.

1999-2002: Member of the board and chairman of a LETS unit in 's-Hertogenbosch

1990-1993: Secretary and member of the board of an association of tenants

This association looked after the interests of tenants of two large apartment buildings in the village of Hintham.

IT knowledge

  • Java, JUnit, Log4J : good

  • Test Driven Development ; good

  • XML, XPath, XSLT, W3C schemas : good

  • Bibliographic Metadata, Open Archives Initiative : good

  • Full text search technology, Lucene, Solr : pretty good

  • J2EE, Servlets, Eclipse, Maven : pretty good

  • Apache Wicket : pretty good

  • SQL, Oracle, FirebirdSQL, Derby, PostgreSQL : pretty good

  • Linux, Unix : pretty good

  • (X)HTML, CSS, WAI : moderate

  • Apache, Tomcat, Cocoon : moderate

  • CVS, Subversion, GIT : moderate

  • Perl, shell scripts et cetera : moderate

  • SVG, XSL-FO : moderate


Collecting African art. Programming. Learing the Arabic language. Traveling (Egypt, Middle East, black Africa). Watching art and visiting museums. History and cultures of Egypt and Africa. Walking, climbing, camping.